Razorback's adventures in Norrath

Ok, recently I restarted in Everquest again. I decided that I'm going to journalize it this time around.

Once again, I decided to start out in the frozen north, strapping on a sword-and-board to head out into the wastes. I've played warriors several times before, it's my favored class. I hadn't advanced in levels too far when I met the first friendly face on the server so far. His name is Colde and he's a lvl 32 beastlord. Nice guy, we hung out and talked for abit. Helped me with some starting gear.

Earlier this morning we went down in Blackburrow (at level 3, way earlier than I had a right to go to the bottom of it) and were looking for a specific gnoll named Lord Elgnub. He drops an item that can be traded in for a sword that's very good vs. gnolls.

We hung out down there for maybe an hour or so when I realized that although it's a new server that's a throwback one, it's advanced enough to have the bazaar turned on! Felt really stupid. Wound up picking up a much better weapon than what I was looking for on the marketplace for a steal (9 PP for a Blackened Alloy Longsword).

Picked up a few other minor things to go with it, and now I'm getting ready to head back in for abit before work. I've done this journey before, but the road to the top is always different. Time to dust off my blacksmith's hammer and work on my armor.

Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Star Trek XII is taking abit of a beating by critics. It's not making as much money as hoped, although it's by no means failing. I had a chance to watch it myself, and here's my impressions of what I can remember from last week.

HEAVY spoilers for the new Star Trek movie. Don't say you weren't warned.Collapse )

In short, did I enjoy the movie? Yes.
Am I surprised that it's not doing as well as predicted? No.
Could it have been great? Yes.

New school year...

...and all is quiet in the house during the day.  Both kids are gone to class starting this year, and the quiet is taking abit to get used to.  Keep thinking it's that 'dangerous' quiet that usually results in something bad.

meme via schmevil

Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012. 

"Her, and another"  ---Lord of Chaos, Wheel of Time #6

That's all sorts of wrong...


State of the Troll address

  Ok,  the last thing I wrote was that we were getting kicked out of our place.  Since then, here's what's happened.  We were forced to move at the end of December, no appeal possible.  We were caught without any money to move on, so we had to look for a place we could stay at.  None of our friends or family locally were able to help us.

  A friend of my wife offered to let us stay with him, and we wound up taking him up on it.  the catch is that he lives in Ballantine, Montana.  We lived about 925 miles away in Vancouver, Washington.  Now try to imagine spending New Year's night on a 20-hour drive (not counting a 7 hour sleepover) in a 2-wd Toyota Corolla that's about 20 years old with questionable tires.  Packed so full of crap that it looked like a blanket sea from the neck down.  Not a typical fun road trip.

  So we're about 1/3 of the way into January now, and I'm looking for work out here.  Hoping that a lead turns up, because it's the 4 of us squeezed into a basement this month.  A comfortable basement at least, but we don't have any level of husband/wife privacy.  We get our tax money back towards the beginning of February, and when we do we have to make a choice.  Find a cheap place to stay here and hope work sorts itself out, or go back to Vancouver and hope work sorts itself out there.

  The cost of living is much less out here, but all of our friends and family are there.  The hardest part about the choice though is our daughter.  She's 10, in 4th grade, and just changed schools in the middle of the year.  As much as we don't want to make her change schools *again*, we may not have a choice.  It's a messed-up situation, but at least we have a warm roof over our heads.  Some folks don't even have that much right now.  We do have some money coming in at least, my unemployment and some other benefits. 
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Horse Crap

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like an eviction notice.

I pay my rent on time, nobody comes to us with any complaints, yet today I get a 'vacate in 20 days' love note on my door.  Chickenshit managers didn't even leave a contact number on it, have to wait until the office is open on Monday to figure out what in the fuck is going on.  I've got kids to take care of, so I can't do anything that would land me in jail, much as I'd like to.  Think if we do wind up getting forced out I'm going to stuff pieces of fish in the structure of the apartment.

New job or sign of desparation?

Last week I came across a network marketing opportunity that involves pre-paid legal protection.  I hope this is a good idea, but only time will tell.  I've been burned by work-from-home programs in the past, but this time I think I've found the real deal.  I'll let you guys know how it's working out in a few months.

Marvel RPG basics

Ok, without delving too deeply into the mechanics of it, this is a game based completely around a d100 system.  Powers, abilities, and skills revolve around 7 basic stats, called the FASE/RIP.  This breaks down to:

Fighting - How likely you are to succeed with a physical attack.
Agility - Success in range attacks, evasion rolls, etc...
Strength - Damage done in physical attacks, lifting, general mayhem.
Endurance - How many cheezburgerz can you take before your head goes all assplodey.
Reason - Intelligence-based rolls like building a device or solving a Rubik's Cube.
Intuition - Very similar in usage to Reason, actually.  More "By-the-gut" type focused though.  What cup is the pea under?
Psyche - Your mental strength and capacity.  Prof. X would score very high, Ant-Man not-so-much.

I found a link for the bookless out there who would like a deeper look at how it runs.  You can go here to download all the core information I'll be using. Look under the "Other Stuff " tab.

Basically, what will happen is that I'll post an update, everyone responds to it, and I use that information to post a new update.  It could be as simple as "I attack Defiancy with a ranged lightning blast" or as complex as you think a conversation/role-playing situation allows.  Naturally there's less time for some actions than others, so sometimes I'll have to narrow down the scope of what you want to do if it's in the middle of a fight or something.

As far as character creation goes, I can handle all of that.  What I need from you is basic information like how he attained his powers, and what they do.  There's probably over a thousand powers and sub-sets in the books, so anything you can come up with I can find mechanics for.  If you want to take a more hands-on approach and submit your own character information to me, I can roll with that too. 

I'm going to leave the post as it is for now.  Depending on how many responses this thread gets will determine if I take it any farther or not.  It could be fun!  And I promise not to stuff anyone in a refrigerator!


Status of Marvel Superheroes RPG

Ok, like I posted in NoScans_Daily, I'm planning on starting a Marvel RPG online if there's interest enough to support it.  I *just* got my computer repaired today, so later this afternoon I will be writing up the basics of what the game is like.  After that, I'll go by the reactions to see if it's worth persuing further.